From Norway, Finland or Denmark? Here’s a blog post for you about how Yachting Sweden can help you join the yachting industry.

From Norway, Finland or Denmark? Here's a blog post for you about how Yachting Sweden can help you join the yachting industry.

Lisa and Helena, the founders of Yachting Sweden, first discovered yachting when we went on a trip to Malta straight after high school in 2011. We had booked a one-way ticket and just wanted to get out of Sweden, travel and live abroad for a while. It was only the second evening in Malta when we bumped in to a group of people that told us that they worked on “super yachts”. We had never heard of this before and was of course very fascinated, especially after being invited onboard one of the yachts in the Maltese marina.

The yacht crew told us about how they lived onboard these beautiful yachts, travelled the world, and made great money at the same time. They told us it was hard work, and long days, but that the experiences and adventures made it all worth it. It wasn’t hard to convince us, and both Lisa and Helena decided that this was something we wanted to try.

Back in 2011 there was hardly any information at all about yachting to find online, as we started trying to google how to break into the industry. There was certainly no information in Swedish, but we managed to understand that we needed some sort of safety course and a few other things. It was a complicated process, with many detours and expensive unnecessary costs just because we didn’t have the right information. Lisa started looking for work right away and managed to find a job after 4 months, while Helena waited a year.

It was a bumpy and difficult road to find our first jobs, but eventually we did. Lisa started working on a 60 m explorer yacht in Spain, and Helena on a 50 m sailing yacht in Boston. We both ended up staying full time in the yachting industry for about 4-5 years. In 2016 we both came home to start studying, and started talking about our experiences onboard. Where were all the Swedes? Where were all the Scandinavians? Crew from other countries kept telling us how appreciated Scandinavians were – having a passport easy to travel with, people easy to get along with and hard workers. We usually answered that the yachting industry has no Scandinavias because the Scandinavians simply doesn’t know the industry exists!

Lisa and Helena have worked as stewardesses on superyachts between 40-100 meters, Helena mainly in the Caribbean and the US, while Lisa has spent most her time in the Mediterranean.

It was in 2018 we decided to change this, and we started Yachting Sweden with the vision of being that source of information, that guidance and helping hand that we ourselves could have needed when we first joined the industry. We put together a physical yachting introduction course in Stockholm, where we cover the following things:

  • Basic information about the yachting industry as a whole
  • Different positions onboard
  • Different types of yachts, pros/cons with motor/sailing, private/charter etc
  • Work duties and tasks for stewardesses and deckhands, with or without guests onboard
  • What compulsory courses do you need in order to be allowed to work on a yacht?
  • Preparations and budgeting
  • Step by step guide on how to find your first job, what is the first thing you need to do?
  • CV workshop and CV guidelines – how to make the perfect CV
  • Preparations for your first interview and the first job
  • Contracts, holiday, salaries, taxes, visas – practical parts
  • Recruitment process and registration with recruitment companies
  • Life onboard – what can you expect? How do you live and what is included in your employment?
  • Guests onboard – who are they and how to treat them
  • Best sides of yachting, and the darker sides of the industry

Today, 3 years later – almost 500 people have taken our course and many of them work as stewardesses and deckhands on superyachts all over the world. As more and more people from other Scandinavian countries are contacting us, interested in the yachting industry and to work onboard, we have since about a year back presented an online introduction course. This makes it easy from anyone from Norway, Finland or Denmark to get access to all the information and to the support and guidance from Yachting Sweden.

Our biggest mission is to be there for you after the introduction course – to support you, help you with your CV, put you in contact with the right people and answer all your questions that come up along the way.

What is then included in the online introduction course?

  • A 2 hour long video call where we will share a presentation and go through the most important parts of yachting and how to find your first job with our step by step guide. This is also an opportunity for you to ask all your questions to us directly.
  • The Yachting Sweden hand book (in English). A 33 pages long e-book with all the necessary information to use as support while you are looking for your first job, such as agencies, Facebook groups, advices on how to dockwalk etc.
  • CV template. Yachting CV’s look quite special, and it is incredibly important to have a great CV. After the online introduction course you will receive your own individual CV template already prepared. It will be in a program that works like a Google Drive document, meaning we can help you edit it, write it and make sure you are 100% happy with it.
  • CV guide (in English). A 24 pages long CV guide on how to write in different parts of the CV, how to email captains, how to take the perfect CV photo etc.
  • Packing list and check list before departure.
  • The Stewardess or Deckhand guide. Since our introduction course mainly is a course on how to GET the job, not how to DO the job, you will receive a guide for the position you choose on different aspects of the professions in order to impress already on your first day onboard. Stewardess guide 70 pages long. Deckhand guide 26 pages long.
  • The interview guide – An 35 pages long e-book in how to nail a yachting interview. How to prepare, what questions to ask, and also advices from proffesional captains, recruiters and Chief Stews on how they get impressed when interviewing.
  • Discounts and deals on the compulsory courses needed in order to be allowed to work on a yacht, STCW, Powerboat level 2 and Food & Hygiene level 2 – we can offer discounts on all these courses and can help you book as well
  • Registration in the Scandinavian yacht crew recruitment company Yachting Scandinavia. We work with two Finnish officers, experienced in the yachting industry, and provide Scandinavian yacht crew to superyachts all over the world
  • Invitation in our private Yachting Sweden Facebook groups where we post jobs, Yachting Sweden participants arrange to travel to France together, rent apartments together, give each other advice and much more
  • Help, guidance and support! Yachting Sweden is there for you through the whole journey of joining the yachting industry, this is the part we find to be the best – to help our participants with whatever they might need us for along the way. We’re here to give you support, answer all your questions and guide you along the way – as much as you want


We offer our online introduction course individually with Lisa or Helena (3200 SEK), or in a group of max 4 people (2600 SEK). The same material is included in both variants.

Do you want more information? Please do not hesitate to contact us at or send us a DM at our Instagram @yachting_sweden – we are looking forward to hear from you and help you start your own yachting adventure! You can also read more about the online course here.